Doing what I love

As in, I must be doing what I love. I have had so little interest in business for most of my life (including a previous try at freelancing full-time), but in the past month, I have been so caught up in learning all the little details, it just astounds me when I step back for a moment and notice this.

Last night I was propped up in bed with my laptop, drafting my business plan. I was pretty tired so there wasn’t much quality writing happening, but that cover page looks sharp and all the sections have been divided up nicely. But still — 11 p.m. on a Sunday night, and there I am with my business plan.

I’m waiting until Mercury goes direct (it’s currently retrograde) to actually file the paperwork to create the business, and I am on PINS. AND. NEEDLES. I’m using the time between now and then to gather forms and other resources, write lists and remember what I’d forgotten to add to them, read advice columns and how-to books, and generally allow time for things to go wrong and need fixing before the big day. Kind of like packing the hospital bag before my daughter was born.

Next on the schedule: signed up for a “Fundamentals of Starting a Business” class on the 16th, going down to the county clerk to file papers on the 20th.[ This is a change; the stars align a little better on this date.]

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