Link roundup

Some of the things I’ve been reading lately:

The Business of Editing: Evaluating a Manuscript. Gives tips for evaluating how long it will take you to edit a manuscript. Includes lots of promising-looking links (that I still have open in tabs for later perusal).

Writer Beware: Editors. Explains what different types of editors do, what they don’t do (or can’t do — no guaranteed best sellers here), and what factors writers should consider when they’re thinking about having their manuscript professionally edited. This is tailored to fiction editors since it’s from SFWA, but if you’re not sure whether your manuscript needs a copy edit or a developmental edit, or if you’re tallying up the cost of editing and wondering if your investment will be money well spent, there’s good advice here.

The Subversive Copy Editor Blog. I’m a couple chapters into the book and it’s been worth every penny. Its companion blog made it into my blogroll right away. (The most recent post is advice to a new copy editor who wants to know how to come back from overediting.)

The EFA sells several booklets that look like good resources for freelancers. I’m eyeing a couple of them.

Freelancers: What to do after your training. Create an online presence, see yourself as an entrepreneur, and other advice. I’m on the right track, according to this list!

2012 Freelance Industry Report. Charts, graphs, and other data on freelancers’ attitudes, work habits, prices, and lots more. I admit, I haven’t read this yet, but it’s highly relevant to my interests.

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