Busy, busy

The closing date on the house got moved up to next Tuesday! My timeline will otherwise be the same, since it’s too late to move and still be able to vote in the upcoming election, but we’ll have a little more time to renovate and leisurely move. I’m hoping for warmer weather the weekend after next so that I can open windows when I paint a couple of rooms. (I have been so excited to paint.)

I am generally running around the old house putting things in boxes or bins, sometimes with a very small helper who has recently become fascinated by markers, pens, crayons, and writing of all kinds.

Naturally, in the midst of this, I also have a thousand ideas: write this post! read that! oh, and this other thing! Then write about this third thing! Take this class! That class, too!

It seems like, the busier I am, the more ideas I get for other stuff to do. I have lists upon lists upon lists.

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