Finally moving in March!

The rest of my February is booked solid, but I’ll be taking time off and minimizing my workload in the first couple weeks of March. Enough of the renovations will be finished by March 17 that we’ll finally be able to move in!

So I’ll be spending the first part of March packing the rest of our things at the old house. (We’ve moved an awful lot of times in the past 10-12 years and it’s a huge pain to work full-time, come home, and then spend all your free time packing. I have the luxury of not doing that this time, so I’m not going to.) Internet should be installed before moving day, so I should be able to get up and running right away (knock on wood!). I won’t be accepting work with tight turnarounds in mid-March, though, just in case.

As always, I’ll update here with the latest, and my contact email is

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