Housekeeping notes

I’ve changed the URL to the Editorial Services page, so links on old blog posts might be broken. Static pages have been updated with the new URL, and the page is still available in the header, so hopefully this won’t cause too much disruption to anyone looking for the link.

I also installed a plugin to counter the recent botnet attack targeting WordPress sites (if you run a WordPress site and use “admin” as your username, change it now and change your password) and I deleted a bunch of old files on the back end. This shouldn’t affect the visible parts of the site.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping notes”

  1. I can recommend the plugin “Redirection” as an easy way to fix broken links in WordPress. Tell it where things are supposed to go, and work again (through the magic of 301 redirection).

    Thanks for the warning about the botnet attack! Out of curiosity, what’s the plugin?

  2. It’s called Better WP Security, and it does a whole lot of things. Specific to this botnet attack, it locks out IPs after a number of failed login attempts (customizable; default is 10), renames your “admin” user if you had one, keeps a log of bad login attempts and the usernames attempted, keeps a log of changed files (if the botnet successfully logs in, it changes some of the standard WordPress files to leave a backdoor)… There’s a list of 21 possible vulnerabilities that it will fix for you.

    I was actually looking for a different plugin when I saw this one, and it had good reviews, so I gave it a shot. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

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