July/August and maternity leave

Following on the announcement in my previous post, I’ve decided to take maternity leave beginning Tuesday, September 3, and return on Monday, November 4. I expect that I’ll be able to check in periodically (especially in October) and may be able to get a limited amount of work done, including project launches for work beginning in November, for example. However, I want to spend most of my time in those two months focusing on bringing this new baby into our family. (The blessing of taking maternity leave as a freelancer is that I can choose what will best fit my needs, as far as the length of my leave, how often I check in, etc. The curse is that there’s no one else to keep my business running while I’m away. Striking a balance between the two has been difficult to plan; we’ll see how it happens in practice.)

My schedule for July is fairly full at the moment. August is not so full, partly by design in case the last weeks of pregnancy are especially rough or in case the baby comes early. I’ll post short updates here as I can.

As always, my contact e-mail is editing@lastsyllable.net.

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