Back to work soon

Today is my first partial day slowly coming back to work. I’m sorting through the mail that’s piled up in my office, updating apps and double-checking resource availability, and (importantly) just being here for a couple of hours to ease my kids into the new schedule before I have any deadline pressures.

My post on being (almost) scammed by the National Association of Professional Women has garnered a lot of interest over the past seven months. There are more than 60 comments from women who had similar experiences. However, I haven’t had any pushback from NAPW itself. I’m not even off their mailing list! I got another postcard in the mail a few months ago touting the benefits of membership. This one went directly into the recycle bin.

I’d also like to alert fellow editors to GalleyCat’s new Freelance Editor Directory, to which I’ve just added my own listing. Writers can search through the directory for an editor who works in their genre, get more information about the editor (via website, LinkedIn, whatever info the editor provides), and see a range of prices (if the editor has given that). The directory was launched earlier this month.

More as it develops. It feels so good to be coming back!

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