Book of interest: Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists & Creatives

Writer and mystic T. Thorn Coyle has a new book out: Sigil Magic for Writers, Artists, and Other Creatives.

Cover of Sigil Magic by T. Thorn Coyle

I had the honor of hearing Thorn speak in Baltimore in 2009, when she was on tour for Kissing the Limitless, and her Elemental Castings podcast accompanied me on many hours of driving around the same time. Her earlier book, Evolutionary Witchcraft, also made a huge impact on me and my practice as a baby witch. So I’m comfortable saying, without having read Sigil Magic, that Thorn knows her shit and the book should be an interesting read grounded in the Western mystery tradition.

Sigils are marks or designs created with specific intent and layered with symbolism to accomplish a task. (Bindrunes are a parallel concept.) Ceremonial magic uses a number of sigils for varying purposes; you can use one that already exists and tap into the power that repeated use over time has imbued in it, or you can create and charge your own sigil. If you want to learn more, check out Thorn’s book.

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