Shining things up around here!

I spent a few minutes today tidying up the site, reviewing the Comment Policy (still solid; nothing substantial has changed) and adding a few new titles to the Academic & Educational list. Forthcoming in 2018 from Routledge is a title I edited earlier this year, a fascinating history of animation in China: Chinese Animation, Creative Industries, and Digital Culture by Weihua Wu.

If you haven’t liked Last Syllable Editorial on Facebook yet, come on over and like the page! It’s so close to 100 likes. Facebook might even give me some new tools once the page passes that number.

The blog’s top post by far is still Don’t get suckered: National Association of Professional Women from March 2013. There are now about 630 comments on it, and while I wish I could say that NAPW’s pushy tactics have changed in the least, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Comments still trickle in, mostly from women who got the very same phone call and did some research before agreeing to pay for membership.

And now, back to the next book. The next opening in my schedule is September, and I’m especially looking for titles on goddess spirituality, Paganism, Wicca and witchcraft, or magick and the occult. Happy reading!


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