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Comment Policy

This site is my own personal space, like my physical office. I reserve the right to set my own standards of discourse for comments on the blog at my site. Editors don’t tend to be a rowdy bunch and I rarely need to moderate non-spam comments, let alone bring down the ban-hammer (akin to John Scalzi’s Mallet of Loving Correction). Then again, I rarely have to kick anyone out of my office for spitting on the walls and insulting my taste in décor, either.

When you comment, be respectful of the person on the other side of the screen. Assume good faith and act with kindness.

Avoid racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and sizeist slurs and other personal attacks. (You may be particularly interested in reading posts at FWD/Forward on why the words crazylame, and idiot are ableist slurs, or in reviewing the entire Ableist Word Profile series.) I will delete comments, in part or entirely, that contain this language.

To help fight spam, first-time commenters will require moderator approval, and comments with more than 5 links or certain spammy keywords will be held for moderation. If your comment doesn’t post right away, be patient and I’ll approve it as soon as I can.

Originally published July 2012. Updated April 2013. Most recent review: September 2017.

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