“Thanks so much for cleaning this piece up! I was an English teacher for many years, but am always amazed at how much better the words look after having copyediting done to my manuscripts.”
— Jane M. Saunders, author (with coauthor Emily E. Smith) of “Every Word Is on Trial: Six-Word Memoirs in the Classroom” (2014), The Reading Teacher67(8)

Credit: amandaonwriting/Tumblr
Credit: amandaonwriting/Tumblr

“I appreciate everything you have done!!! It’s in so much better shape than before. Very pleased. I also learned a lot from reading over your edits.”
— Jason Sarna, author, Night Burger

“I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work, Rachel. You respected my writing style while enhancing and clarifying my work. My book greatly benefited from your thorough editing process and meticulous eye for detail. As [a novel by] a first-time self-published novelist, Happy(ish) now stands out in a sea of original work. Sales are going well and I’ve generated great reviews!”
— Cara Trautman, author, Happy(ish)

“You made a good product a much better one. I found your help and input to be invaluable!”
— Frater Barabbas, author, Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick Book 3: The Greater Key

“Not only is [Rachel] an expert in grammar, punctuation and spelling, she understands how to interpret client mechanical specifications and gives clients what they want, every time, no matter the size, scope or turnaround time of the project. Her keen eye for detail and willingness to work until the job is completed on time and absolutely correct make her an invaluable asset to any company seeking perfection in a printed product.”
— John Acquavita, proofreader and former coworker


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