I offer copyediting and proofreading services, along with research, fact-checking, manuscript formatting, and writing on a per-project basis. On the Editorial Services page, you can read descriptions of each service and some of the work I’ve done in the past.

In general, my editorial rates are in line with EFA’s published rates. Contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net to ask for a quote for your specific project or to arrange reduced rates. For first-time and self-publishing authors, I also offer payment plans.

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Here’s what you get for your investment:


I’ll go through your manuscript line by line, reading every word. (I can provide a sample edit if you’d like to see how I’ll handle your project before you commit to working with me.) I’ll make sure your sentences are clearly understandable and flow into one another, your grammar and spelling are correct, you’ve got your facts right, the manuscript adheres to applicable style guidelines, and the whole of the text makes sense. This is the stage where I check that your text communicates the way you intend.

I can also include manuscript formatting. I’ll create a heading structure if needed, and I’ll make sure that your manuscript adheres to formatting guidelines that it would need, for example, to be uploaded as an ebook or to display properly on your website.


I’ll go through your text in the same careful way, but I’ll be looking for typos, misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and formatting errors. If there’s art, specific page designs, cross-references, or links in the text, I’ll check that all of those things are present and appear correctly. In general, I’ll be polishing your text so that it looks and reads its best in its final form.

I can proofread a document alone, without reference to earlier stages (best for short, ephemeral pieces like website copy, blog posts, and press releases), or I can compare a typeset proof to an edited manuscript or an earlier proof (best for books and other printed texts).

Other services

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Credit: bookshelfporn/Tumblr

Credit: bookshelfporn/Tumblr