The money question is the big one, right? You probably know what kind of editing your text needs, but you’re on a budget.

For novel-length projects, sample edits of up to 1,000 words per project are always free. (Using the industry standard of 250 words per page, that works out to about four pages.) Send me a chunk of text from the middle of your book — not the beginning or the end, which tend to get especially reworked and polished, but a middle section that’s representative of the whole manuscript. I’ll edit it in Word with Track Changes on (the standard way I do things) and send it back to you, with a quote if you’d like. Read through my edits and see if you like the approach I’d take to your book.

Got a smaller work of fiction? I edit short stories for a flat $150 (up to 7,500 words), novelettes for a flat $325 (7,500 to 17,500 words), novellas for a flat $775 (17,500 to 40,000 words). Reduced rates and payment plans are available, especially for first-time authors and self-publishing authors. Pop your email address in the sidebar or like Last Syllable Editorial on Facebook to be the first to hear about specials!

Smaller or larger works? Ask me for a quote: editing@lastsyllable.net

For academic works — articles and papers that usually involve tables, figures, and references — I charge $35 per hour (in the range of EFA’s published rate guideline for basic copy editing). It usually takes me 4 hours or less, so if you’ve got $150 in your editing budget, you’re golden. Let me know whether to apply APA, Chicago, MLA, or another style, plus any house styles that might rule, and where you expect to publish the article or paper.

Credit: bookshelfporn/Tumblr
Credit: bookshelfporn/Tumblr