Happy New Year!

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Times Square ballIt’s the first Monday morning of 2014! The lights are off the tree, the ball dropped in Times Square, and the eggnog is gone (the nonalcoholic kind is my annual holiday indulgence). Instead, I’ve started cooking double again to fill the freezer and baking to fill the cookie jar. We’re safe and warm chez moi and ready to be snowed in, wrapped in fleece against the extreme wind chills outside.

I’ve been sprucing things up here and there around the site. My résumé (PDF) is a little shinier and pages have been reworded, revised, or just tweaked.

The New Year heralds that long stretch of work without many holidays until Memorial Day. I’ve filled in a bit of that time but there’s still some space in my schedule. As always, e-mail editing@lastsyllable.net to discuss a project with me.

Sticky: November and December availability

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Following my maternity leave, I’ll be back to work on Monday, November 4. I’m at my desk for a few hours each day this week and expect normal availability to resume on Monday, continuing through the end of 2013. My family hasn’t made holiday plans yet, but we aren’t normally away from home for much more than the holiday itself.

My schedule is already beginning to fill up (yay!). If you’d like to work with me in the next two months or in early 2014, contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net.

Sticky: July/August and maternity leave

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Following on the announcement in my previous post, I’ve decided to take maternity leave beginning Tuesday, September 3, and return on Monday, November 4. I expect that I’ll be able to check in periodically (especially in October) and may be able to get a limited amount of work done, including project launches for work beginning in November, for example. However, I want to spend most of my time in those two months focusing on bringing this new baby into our family. (The blessing of taking maternity leave as a freelancer is that I can choose what will best fit my needs, as far as the length of my leave, how often I check in, etc. The curse is that there’s no one else to keep my business running while I’m away. Striking a balance between the two has been difficult to plan; we’ll see how it happens in practice.)

My schedule for July is fairly full at the moment. August is not so full, partly by design in case the last weeks of pregnancy are especially rough or in case the baby comes early. I’ll post short updates here as I can.

As always, my contact e-mail is editing@lastsyllable.net.

Sticky: May/June availability

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It’s quite late in May and the weather still can’t decide what season it is: snow early in the month, a few hot days, then a few days of chill rains, and now it’s back to hot sunny days before cooling off again.

As we do every year, my family and I will be attending the Wheatland Music Organization’s Traditional Arts Weekend this coming Memorial Day weekend. I’m booked up with projects for the rest of May otherwise.

June, however, is still fairly open and I’d like to add a few more projects to my schedule. Contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net if you’d like to work with me on an upcoming project.

Sticky: April/May availability

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The move is complete! I’m typing this from my shiny new office, complete with proper desk, a door I can close, and my reference books at hand (instead of in a box). As I was saying on Twitter this morning, I can still hear the TV (faintly) and family chatter, but I wanted separation, not total isolation. I’m still close enough to have meals with everyone, help change a diaper, or participate in a game of tag (my daughter’s version is to run over and tag me, then run to her dad and tag him, then run back to me). I’ll still be unpacking boxes and setting up furniture for awhile yet, but I don’t expect any more huge interruptions related to the move.

The rest of April is looking fairly full, but I’m now scheduling projects for May and into June. Contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net.

Sticky: Availability and April updates

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It’s rainy and gray here, the first of several rainy days forecast, and I’m doing some catching up. Enjoy some updates.

First, we have still not moved house. The delays are really wearing on my optimism, but at least things are getting done. We’re looking at another tentative moving date of “next weekend, probably, or maybe the week after.” So I won’t be scheduling many projects in April, but I am expecting to crank things up in May. Contact e-mail for project scheduling is, as always, editing@lastsyllable.net.

ETA: Yes, we are moving at long last! I’ll be mostly offline from Friday 4/19 through Sunday 4/21 for the move. I’m trying to create a schedule with minimal downtime (since putting projects on hold didn’t work out for me) and expect to be back in action on Monday, April 22.

And now the news:

A novel I edited has just been published! Check out Happy(ish) by Cara Trautman, available on Kindle. It’s a fun read, if I do say so myself, and I enjoyed working on it.

As a follow-up to my last post: I opted to start the trial period of Office 365 Small Business Premium and it might be okay. It’s prompting me to use an on.microsoft.com e-mail address until I go through a complicated process to verify that I own my domain, but I don’t use Outlook and am not sure what else they’d need that information for (I won’t be managing my site through Office). So that’s tabled until I have the spare brain cycles to figure it out. And I haven’t signed up for those classes yet; the accounting class may not end up being as useful as I thought, since what I need is tax advice for freelance editorial professionals (instead of general accounting), and I missed the EFA’s webinar on exactly that subject.

Since the announced demise of Google Reader, I’ve been able to move my feeds to The Old Reader (I’ve also seen recommendations for Feedly and Newsblur, though I haven’t tried to use those services). My initial grump about The Old Reader is that I haven’t found a way to automatically alphabetize feeds. However, when I clicked on something and then clicked the Back button, The Old Reader didn’t lose my place in the feed I was reading, for which I cheer enthusiastically. If I did that in Google Reader, it would take me back to the feed and disappear the post I was in the middle of, making no distinction between “marked as read” and “I’m finished with this, it can go away now.” So if that’s my trade-off, I’ll manually alphabetize my feeds.

And that’s the news of the moment. More as it develops.

Sticky: Moving! Probably!

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Well, it was a good thing I hadn’t booked much in early March, because I had one project extend a little longer than anticipated. We hauled a few loads of things to the new house, but there’s a lot at the old house that still needs to be packed. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve had a lot of interest in the old house and six or seven showings (including a second showing to one buyer), but it still hasn’t resulted in an offer. It has, however, resulted in much grumbling chez nous.

I had planned for us to move on Monday, but delays at the new house — this time, water damage in the kitchen, meaning the countertops had to be replaced — have meant that plumbing is still not working. The new countertop and sink might be installed by now, but I don’t think the main floor bathroom is at all usable yet. (The basement bathroom was gutted and will be finished after we move in.) TV and internet service have not yet been connected.

So Monday isn’t looking good for a moving day, but hopefully we can get in sometime next week. I don’t want to commit to additional projects in March and even early April, just because nothing is nailed down (heh) and I’ve had to write enough apologetic emails about deadlines as I’ve attempted to manage working from a house that’s actively for sale.

It would, however, be a good time to schedule projects that will begin in April and May. Contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net.