Doing a chair dance of joy

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I’m back! I had managed to permanently ban my own IP address (using the iThemes Security plugin on this here WordPress install) because I had too many *&!$^ wrong password attempts. I’d set the security nice and tight because I’ve been dealing with brute force attacks on the site, and I could only whitelist my own IP temporarily. (If you’re locked out of your own site too, iThemes has posted some useful directions for fixing lockouts.) Admittedly, however, it took me awhile to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to discover the IP perma-ban, remember to take my laptop to my local Tim Horton’s for an iced capp mocha and some wifi, get my user also blocked because clicking “log in” with the saved password never &*%# works, go back home to discover and then follow the iThemes directions to release any and all blocks on my IP or user, become mystified as to why this wasn’t working, then log in successfully through the WordPress app on my phone with the wifi off to whitelist my IP there, releasing the perma-ban, and allow me to actually. log. in.

I’d complain more, but two things are true: iThemes Security was actually performing quite well and doing the thing I installed it to do — it had no way to tell that this was really me trying to log in — and I did fix it in the end without breaking any part of my site.

And some bonus editorial content for the day: At the Chronicle, Rachel Toor says some lovely things about copy editors in The Better Angels of Our Writing:

My experience of receiving editing, both substantively and line by line, is that it’s like love. Good copy editors see me not just for who I am but for who I want to be, and they help me get there. They point out what I do well, but they also notice my tics and bad habits and try to break me of them.

Now I, too, want to be friends with Carol Saller and Mary Norris.

Reorganization, slightly

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A housekeeping note: The sidebar was getting a little ridiculous, so I’ve removed and rearranged some of those widgets. Notably, editing- and writing-related links, site search, and links to a few of the top posts and pages on the site are all in the footer. I’ve also deleted the Work History page and folded that information into the Editorial Services page.

I’d been taught all my life to organize my résumé in some kind of chronological order, listing my skills and emphasizing a continuous, focused work history. (Freelance résumés can be structured a little differently. For examples, see the EFA’s excellent booklet Résumés for Freelancers by Sheila Buff, and of course my own résumé.) So when I started writing the pages of this site, even though I wrote a page that focused on my services and projects I’ve edited and proofread in the past and posted a downloadable PDF résumé, I still felt the need to write some kind of chronological story about my work history.

However, my site stats told me that visitors didn’t really look at the Work History page. The majority of site visitors land on my post Don’t get suckered: National Association of Professional Women. When those visitors want to know more, they usually click over to Editorial Services.

So I shortened the story and tucked it into a page where it would more usefully convey information. I’ve been freelancing full-time for a year now, but some changes are still taking time to sink in.

Site note

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I cannot believe that I didn’t have a widget for readers to subscribe to the blog by email! I’d always figured that it was easy enough to subscribe by RSS, but since Google Reader went poof (and I even posted about similar services!), that isn’t necessarily the case.

There is now a widget in the sidebar where you can enter your email address and receive notifications when new posts go up.

Housekeeping notes

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I’ve changed the URL to the Editorial Services page, so links on old blog posts might be broken. Static pages have been updated with the new URL, and the page is still available in the header, so hopefully this won’t cause too much disruption to anyone looking for the link.

I also installed a plugin to counter the recent botnet attack targeting WordPress sites (if you run a WordPress site and use “admin” as your username, change it now and change your password) and I deleted a bunch of old files on the back end. This shouldn’t affect the visible parts of the site.

Site tweaks correction

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I’ve decided to change things up a little (“no dramatic overhauls”: famous last words) and set a landing page for the site, then move the blog off to the side a little. Fun! I think this arrangement will be a little more reader-friendly, though. I don’t think the move has broken RSS subscriptions.

I’m still working on things (here and there, during naps and after bedtime, between packing boxes…) so please pardon my proverbial dust.

Site tweaks

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I’m back from the Wheatland Music Festival and much refreshed!

I’ve been making small tweaks around the site, mostly rewriting and retitling some of the static pages. (Those were written during my initial burst of enthusiasm and have benefited from a little time to simmer, I think. And editors gonna edit.) I don’t expect any downtime or dramatic overhauls or anything, but if you can’t find something you were looking for, try the site search or drop me a note to ask about it.