Greetings! I’m Rachel Lee Cherry, senior editor at Last Syllable Communications. I’m a freelance editor and writer based in Stanton, Michigan. I’ve been editing professionally since 1999 (freelance since 2010), and I’m a current member of both the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES, the American Copy Editors Society.

I’ll make sure all your commas are in place, you don’t have “lentil” where you meant “lintel,” every piece of art is called out and every paragraph coded correctly, and the character introduced in Chapter 4 has the same name when she reappears in Chapter 13.

You can read more about my services and my editorial specializations in self-published fiction and in educational publishing. You can also check out my rates and keep up with news on Twitter, on my blog, and at LinkedIn.

Contact me at editing@lastsyllable.net.