No rest for the wicked

My family’s yearlong house hunt has come to an end! We were finally able to complete the purchase of a 1,700-square-foot ranch house on two-thirds of an acre. Everything is all on the main level for my husband’s accessibility needs, there’s a nice big yard for my daughter to run around in, and there’s plenty of space for me to have a dedicated office.

This morning I painted the formerly unfinished pine table that will become my desk, and last night I packed up all the various small things that I’ll want (external ergonomic keyboard, desk lamp, etc.). Lately I’ve just been working on my laptop at the kitchen table, so having a desk back will be lovely.

We’ll need to renovate some parts of the house before we move in, and we haven’t yet set a moving date. I’ll make a new availability post once we figure out some more details.

It does figure, though. I had just gotten business cards and address labels! Good thing I hadn’t signed up for any classes like I’d thought about, or I’d be seriously overbooked right now.

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