Delays and such

Exciting things happening at the house! All the carpet is gone, reclaimed wood floors are going in now (including a cool little mosaic thing at an otherwise awkward point of the hallway), the sunken family room is getting raised up before flooring goes down there. The main level bathroom has a new vanity and our washer and dryer will be put in there too, with no sacrifice of space because the bathroom is huge. Some paint colors have been chosen and one has gone up. Temporary fridge and stove have gone in, new kitchen faucet is there and a new sink will happen at some point. Garbage disposal and dishwasher are still on the wish list (though on reflection, since we have septic, we should skip the garbage disposal and set up a compost pile). Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the well, and not a stick of furniture has been moved in because the floors are going in. I’d originally hoped to be in the house by now, but now I’m planning to be in before Yule. That is, not at all coincidentally, as long as my day job will probably last (our contract has been extended again, through December 15).

Last week, on a foggy, rainy, ugly morning, my husband Matt was in a car accident. He’s fine, though the car ended up totaled, and we took the opportunity to upgrade from a Toyota Matrix to a Chevy TrailBlazer with 4-wheel drive for country winters.  It’s been christened the Mom-mobile since I’ve made myself quite comfortable in it and since I’ve been driving everyone to various appointments and parks and whatnot.

Some work I was half-expecting didn’t materialize today, so this weekend will be spent packing and planning the move. Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

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