Announcing an addition…

I’m excited to announce that I’m expecting my second daughter in September!
As I just said in a post to the EFA members’ list, I’ve been a very happy freelancer throughout this pregnancy. It’s been wonderful to wear whatever is most comfortable for me, grab food or drinks or medicines without having to plan ahead to bring them (or stock them in my desk), take breaks as I need to, schedule doctor’s appointments in the middle of the day, etc. And I’ve got a baby swing set up in my office, plus at least one wrap I can use to wear the baby once she’s here. (The benefits of babywearing and breastfeeding have been pointed out by Katharine O’Moore-Klopf in a guest post elsewhere about freelancing with a baby or toddler.)
I’m writing a much more personal blog at Centered Mama, if you’re interested in pregnancy updates. I’m still deciding on dates for my maternity leave — even though I’m working at home, I know I’ll want a few weeks with nothing to do but care for my children — and once I’ve made that decision, I’ll update here. It may depend quite a bit on my clients’ schedules for September and October.

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