It Came from the Drafts Folder

In September I participated in Project: Mic Drop, a little circle of artists and intuitives and other business owners facilitated by Brandy Morris, in which we were challenged to dig deep and tell stories and release our mad flava into the world.

I dug deep. I told stories. I broke a seal on my writing that had been in place since my daughters were born (my favorite form of writing was lengthy introspection, which babies don’t much give you time for), and I’ve written almost daily since September 1. Project: Mic Drop gave me back something powerful.

Earlier today I posted about my rockin’ Friday night with a cup of chai and 87 WordPress tabs open. It turns out that the Drafts folder had a few stories worth telling, but they languished there because I wanted to tie them to some link of the day instead of letting them stand on their own. So, in the spirit of releasing mad flava, I’m going to publish It Came from the Drafts Folder, a series of stories about me and who I am and what I know. The first installment is queued up for Thursday.

Maybe they do or don’t illustrate some bit of publishing industry ephemera. They’re just fun for me to tell, and hopefully fun for you to read, and that’s enough.

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