This is the new year

It’s extra hard for me to come back after the holiday break this year. My deadlines were mostly wrapped up before Christmas, the rest were wrapped up before New Year’s, and potential clients also took time off for the holidays instead of sorting through résumés. It was blissfully easy to sleep all I wanted… or stay up late reading.

So when the first work week of the year was slow, I spent it plotting all the various systems I’d use to clean my house and keep it shipshape. Really this time. (Tried the KonMari method? I’m skeptical. How can books be clutter? And it doesn’t appear to mesh well with the homesteading projects I’m also looking into, because anything is possible in the new year.) And I’ve started working on some of those major cleaning projects, too. You should see my office now.

Please send work, is what I’m saying, really. I’m convinced that I do my best, most meticulous editing when I’m putting off housework. If you’ve been thinking about contacting me about a project, do it now and you will have my undivided attention, plus the benefit of (almost) all the time in the world to look up arcane details or find style decisions for intricate references.

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