Site note

I cannot believe that I didn’t have a widget for readers to subscribe to the blog by email! I’d always figured that it was easy enough to subscribe by RSS, but since Google Reader went poof (and I even posted about similar services!), that isn’t necessarily the case.

There is now a widget in the sidebar where you can enter your email address and receive notifications when new posts go up.

New wrinkle in the WordPress botnet attack

I just noticed that the WordPress botnet attackers have tweaked their attempts to log into WordPress sites. They’re now trying the domain name as a username (so, my logs show that they’re trying “lastsyllable” in addition to “admin”). If you run a WordPress site and your username is admin/Admin, your username matches your domain name, or your user ID is 1, make sure you’re using a strong password and consider changing your username. I stop short of a blanket recommendation to change usernames because it’s so common to blog under a persistent pseudonym (which is not the same as anonymity, if I may point in the direction of that particular soapbox), and then have a domain that also uses that pseudonym, so I’d expect it’s equally common use the same pseudonym as a username. Which is probably why the attackers are trying it. Note, however, that WordPress allows users to choose a different display name, so that might be a solution for changing your username and still appearing under the name you’d prefer to use.

I can also recommend the Better WP Security plugin to help secure your site. It may be a bit too technical for some users — you do need to know what you’re blocking or limiting access to, and make sure that you’ll still be able to use your own site in the ways that work for you — but it’s been a solid solution for me.

Housekeeping notes

I’ve changed the URL to the Editorial Services page, so links on old blog posts might be broken. Static pages have been updated with the new URL, and the page is still available in the header, so hopefully this won’t cause too much disruption to anyone looking for the link.

I also installed a plugin to counter the recent botnet attack targeting WordPress sites (if you run a WordPress site and use “admin” as your username, change it now and change your password) and I deleted a bunch of old files on the back end. This shouldn’t affect the visible parts of the site.

Still swamped, yay!

Sticking my head up for a moment to reiterate that I’m in the very midst of the busy October I expected. Yay! This is a good thing! Many good things are happening all at once! I’ll let you know in a few months how well my experience matches up to the Freelancery’s paradox, that the time to get new clients and new work is “when you are busy as hell and don’t have the time.”

At the day job, I’ve juggled my schedule a bit to work with a later ending date. Over at the new house, I’m picking paint colors and giving my input on renovation decisions, which have indeed become a pleasant diversion. We decided to make a few more of our planned changes before we move in, so there’s a bit more dust and a bit more to do at the moment. (Why not, right?) Back at the old house, quite a lot of packing still needs to be done, and we’ll start moving boxes and bins and things once the floors are done at the new house. It’s all like having a brand-new baby and I sleep when I can.

I have a few posts drafted here, but they’re low on my priority list. I’ve got an ideas folder with things to write about or pitch or do differently, so once the move is complete, I’ll have lots to post about.

Site tweaks correction

I’ve decided to change things up a little (“no dramatic overhauls”: famous last words) and set a landing page for the site, then move the blog off to the side a little. Fun! I think this arrangement will be a little more reader-friendly, though. I don’t think the move has broken RSS subscriptions.

I’m still working on things (here and there, during naps and after bedtime, between packing boxes…) so please pardon my proverbial dust.